Meet the Board



Marisa Tillman

Marisa is from Davao City, Philippines (cue "If she's from the Philippines, why is she white?" Mean Girls joke). Although Marisa has never directed a musical before, she is an expert at listening to musical soundtracks, which is practically the same thing. She likely doesn't have time to direct a musical, but she was told that TORT magic can do anything and is banking on that to pass the Bar.


Music Director

Shashi Gowda

Shashi is from Richmond, Virginia and is woefully under qualified for this position. Apologies in advance.



Caroline Schmitz


Ambassador Photo.jpg

Head Writer

Robby Dube

Coming from Texas, no one in Minnesota expected me to be able to write, or read, or talk good and stuff. Jokes on them, now they have to sit through hours of the finest low-budget theater Texas minds can provide. So sit back, enjoy, and remember the Alamo. 



Stage Manager

Tommy Hansfield

He can manage a stage, but he can’t manage to write a biography, so Ellen had to do this for him.



Rebecca Rosefelt

Rebecca made her way to law school after a brief career building costumes for Broadway, Off-Broadway, and the American Ballet Theatre. Despite her efforts to substitute jurisprudence for jacquard, Rebecca has found enjoyment in discretely cutting the little “x” that holds the vent together on the back of students’ blazers. She promises it’s supposed to be removed after purchasing. 

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Tech Director

Mika Millard

I have been trying to think of something creative to do for my bio. I haven't had much luck so far.



Jacob Lanthier

In the words of the incomparable Mona Lisa Saperstein: “MONEY PWEASE.”

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Ellen Levish

The brawn behind this operation.

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Kenzie Gerber

The brains behind this operation.