Past Shows

We've been putting the law in lawghter since 2002. Find our old shows here.


Froze-In, Act 1

Froze-In, Act 2


Clue: A Murder Mystery in Mondale

Law school can drive us all wild. Lectures, notes, study sessions, countless hours in the library and FINAL EXAMS. Finals forces many dark thoughts into a law student's mind. What would you do if you felt there was no other way out? Would you sabotage your classmates? Or would you resort to...murder? This is TORT's 2014 performance.


Back to the Future Interest

Back to the Future Interest" tells the story of Marty and Reagan, law students who get transported 30 years in the past to Mondale Hall in the year 1983. With the help of crazy Professor Brown they attempt to get back to 2013. This is TORT's 2013 performance.